Thursday, October 2, 2003

What do you think of me?

I think I'm fat. I can't take any more of this constant dieting. I feel like I just wanna stop eating altogether. What would you think of me if I only eat one meal a day? And I know how it feels to lose alot of weight at a time. I used to vomit constantly (not self induced) for days at a time, and end up really weak. I don't want to die, though. And I have regular periods, so I don't know if I still have the ability to have children. I turn 13 next Sunday btw.

Answer on What do you think of me?

I think, portions. That's what I do, at dinner just don't finish everything, at breakfast eat less...ect. I'm 13 5'6" and I weigh 104 pounds everyone tells me I'm way to skinny, but I still feel fat I wanted to starve myself to, but don't do it, just work on portions, and self confidence. :)
Xoxo jasmine