Friday, August 29, 2003

Who would you go on a date with?

Here are 10 options
~A frog
~A sumo wrestler
~A 5 year old boy
~ A hairy 49 year old hobo
~ A spiky hedge hog
~ Ringo Starr
~ Justin bieber in his mid 90's
~ Your Mum
~ Your Dad
And finally
~ A frog like, sumo wrestler with a habit of eating his bogeys who's about 49 and has lots of spikes and plays the drums and sings like a tone death walrus and who gave birth to you and has lots of grey hairs.

Please say why you would go out with it

Answer on Who would you go on a date with?

A sumo wrestler. I've actually met a bunch of them, and they're all really nice guys.