Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Can I move to Italy within the next year?

Well, I don't speak Italian. So how about England instead?

Answer on Can I move to Italy within the next year?

Your question implies that you don't live in a European Union country since you ask in English, but suggest you might move to England if Italy isn't possible.

Conley39 has already given you good advice on what you need to do if you'd like to move to Italy. However, I think he did not emphasise enough that jobs in Italy are even more difficult to find these days than they have been, and it's never been easy in Italy to get a decently paid job without having excellent connections.

As far as you moving to Britain as an alternative to Italy is concerned, you need to be aware that the employment situation there is not hugely better than it is in Italy, although you would at least have the advantage of speaking the language and so possibly being able to find something if you were diligent and resourceful. However, it is not possible for a non-EU citizen to get into the UK on a tourist visa and legally work. In fact, the conditions which non-EU citizens must meet in order to legally work in Britain are very similar to those applicable in Italy, although the British bureaucracy normally functions a bit more efficiently.

The UK Home Office website I've linked to below has information on non-EU citizens working in Britain.