Monday, May 12, 2003

Please help, i asked this yesterday and did not get no answers.?

There is this girl my friend introduced me to and we talked on Facebook for like an hour and i ask for her number and i got it. I think she really pretty and we trying to get to know each other.I text her n she was like who dis, i said my name she never txt bck till an hr, i we tlk for like 5mins i ask her where she was and she said she is hanging with her friends. I decided to let her go since i didn't want to bug her. i told her to text me back and she never text back.All my friends are telling me she is playing hard to get, i dont know, What do you think.Is she playing hard to get or what, please your opinion is needed thanks and any advice about how i can get her
Nb: we had a convo and i ask her if she can meet me up one day so we can hang she was like ok, thats wat motivated me to get the digits

Answer on Please help, i asked this yesterday and did not get no answers.?

I'd say don't assume she wants a relationship with you. She could just want you as a friend maybe?
And she's not playing hard to get, she's just living her life. Just because people don't text back instantly doesn't mean they're intentionally keeping you waiting, she could just be busy or didn't hear her phone. And she could have not text back because she forgot.
Try to talk to this girl more about who she is and what she's like, don't jump in and assume things.