Saturday, May 3, 2003

Do you understand the Lady Gaga "Alejandro" video?

Here's a link:…

And here's what I think:

The men are dressed as soldiers to represent how LGBT people constantly have to fight for the rights they should have as human beings. She is acting like a dictator to show how homophobic people put down and think they rule gay men and women. She is dressed like a nun to represent the relationship between the Catholic Church and homosexual people. She eats the rosary to show how many gay men and women lose their faith in God because of their homosexuality. She holds the heart on the pillow to show how the dead, gay soldier has lost his heart. It is wrapped in chains and barbed wire and a nail is through it to show that he had to keep his heart locked away to fit with today's society. She dresses like a priest and the gay men stand around her to show that the church is hypocritical by saying that, "Homosexuals should be treated with dignity" and yet they deprive them of basic rights.

BTW I'm Catholic and gay, so I think I understand.

Answer on Do you understand the Lady Gaga "Alejandro" video?

so would you like a medal or some balls to hang one on?