Wednesday, March 5, 2003

FIFA facts: Did you know?

Here are your 3 facts of the day

1) Did you know that the first player to have scored 4 goals in a qualifier was Ireland's Paddy Moore who scored 4 goals in their 4:4 draw with Belgium on 25 Feb 1934 in Dublin?
2) Did you know that the first Asian country to play in a qualifying match was Palestine which lost 1:7 in Egypt on 10 March 1934?
3) Did you know that the first ever tied match (WC) was between Italy and Spain , the score one all. The game was played in Florence, Italy on 31 May 1934?

did you knew that?

BQ: Of what are you afraid of?

...It's taking us on journeys
Where we wipe away frowns amongst a crowded place
So why you never call me no you never seem to call now that I'm okay
I'll beat you in the end and every time you turn around here will come the coming of age..dd

My Party by Kings of Leon
The song i'm listening to right now

Answer on FIFA facts: Did you know?

Hey what's wrong with YA. I had answered this question a while back and it pops out again.

1. Yes
2. yes
3. Yes, but they replayed the match next day and Italy beat Spain 1-0.

BQ - God. Now I am getting afraid of YA, because I had answered this question....