Saturday, December 7, 2002

Growth hormones for children?

my dads 6'1 or so and has a relatively tall family. my step mothers family is on the shorter side (but not extremely so). my little brother is turning 13 this year and hes one of the smaller kids. my dad worries he might end up being short like some of my step moms brothers, so he was looking into growth hormones to ensure my brother will be at least average-sized. i told him i didnt think it was a good idea at all, it will happen naturally. but he said he heard a bunch of people on the radio saying how theyre so glad they did it for their child, etc... any information or stories to share are appreciated. i think its unhealthy and unnecessary.

Answer on Growth hormones for children?

Definitely unhealthy and totally unnatural! I would never do that, not even to myself! And this is coming from a short person.