Monday, October 7, 2002

Is she messing with my head?

so this morning... after i woke up i went on facebook, checked my girlfriends wall and noticed the profile banner saying "Katy (lastname) Loves Mac!" and thats her ex boyfriends name... i know they been chatting with each other even tho im going out with her, so i kinda figured it was him, plus she also put in on her wall "I really can't explain it, but I like you without even trying. I love the things you say, and how you never fail to make me smile. And by the end of the night, you're still always on my mind. ¦" and he liked it... so it kinda makes sense right? she says she loves "mac" and mac likes her romantic stuff she puts.... soooo when i confronted her about this and she told me "The proffile banner wasn't for him . It was actually for my cousin who'd name is Marc and he wanted me to make one with his him but I forgot the r and Noe he likes the name mac so he made it his nickname but I'm sorry :(" which kinda seems bs to me but whatever...not going to lie... the fact that it says her ex's name kinda upsets me... she and i both know i dont like the kid..... anyway what should i do?

thanks for reading and answering :)

Answer on Is she messing with my head?

end it, it's obvious she's playing you against this guy mac she still has feelings for him by the sounds of it hun. you can do alot better. but if you don't want to end it try talking to her by having a big heart to heart and telling her everything that's bothering you (not over computer you can't see her reactions) good luck x