Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Relationship help needed and appreciated?

Ok, so first off it's important to stay that I'm 15 years old and the girl that I like, named Tonya, is also 15. Over the last few months, we have become best friends; we video chat using Oovoo almost every night, we constantly text back and forth, we hang out sometimes on the weekends, and we talk to each other whenever the opportunity arises. During these months, she has realized that I like her as more than a friend, but that doesn't seem to scare her at all, as she is still talking to me like crazy. I was talking with my friend about my feelings for her on facebook and how she likes another guy named Dan, and, with my permission, my friend sent her my message to him about her. This was the message:

"honestly i just want her to be happy...if shes happy then im happy but i just want her to know that im always gonna be here as her friend and i just dont want to see her get hurt...i mean i dont even know dan and he could be a great guyno homo but like nobody could treat her like the princess she is except me and she deserves to be treated like a princess...i remember one of the first times i met her mom on oovoo her mom said something like she wishes that tonya would date a guy that takes her to the movies once in a while cuz sean doesnt do that (she was dating sean at the time)...and i could be that guy i want to be the guy that takes her to the movies or out to eat or maybe to a lil wayne concert or something, i want to be the guy that tells her how beautiful she is when she isnt wearing any makeup, i want to be the guy that she can run to and hug when shes all upset, i want to be the guy that hugs her and doesnt ever let go, i want to be the guy that she can stay up all night with and talk to about anything she wants to, and i want to be the guy that introduces her to my friends as my girlfriend because she really doesnt deserve anything less than that. shes really special and i've never felt this way about anyone else in my entire life and when i've told her that i loved her i mean it and i always will..and wolf theres something i've wanted to tell you that only she knows about, why i like her...honestly its a long *** list but she just has the prettiest eyes in the world and everytime i listen to drake's song fireworks withalicia keys it makes me think of them, and her smile is just perfect unlike any smile i've ever seen, she has the greatest personality ever shes so nice and honest and all that stuff, she likes the same kind of music as me which i love and its so cute when she tries to rap along toeminem in not afraid orlil wayne in steady mobbin and its so funny when she makes fun of lil wayne in prom queen i honestly cant stop laughing about it, and really i dont have to change who i am when im around her i can act completely normal and it doesnt feel awkward at all and thats really important...but yeah there are so many more things that i like about her that i cant even put into words..but like i said im completely fine with being friends with her shes my best female friend in the world but i'd just love to be her boyfriend and show her what a real relationship is supposed to be like so i guess i'll wait for her to see that in me if she ever does god i hope she typing this entire thing took a whole lot out of me and my eyes are watering but honestly everything i said here is completely true and im always gonna think these things"

So, she replied to him a few minutes later with "wow im completely speechless i dont know what to say...its just that i cant look at him as more than a friend."

So, I'm pretty upset about this because I've been trying so hard and I just know that if we dated, she would not regret it. People tell me that if she talks to me so much she must like me at least a little bit, but I don't know. She is really special in my life and I just want to show her how she deserves to be treated. All advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

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wow cool.....what is ur question?

sometimes it is better to be more confident