Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I need music to listen to?

I have literally ran out of stuff to listen to, haha I hate anything that screams the WHOLE song (its talentless) I usually listen to some rap but its by eminem kid cudi and drake
the blunt of everything i listen to is red hot chili peppers, incubus, you know, alternative. Rage against the Machine, Rise Against

are there any bands out there like this??

Answer on I need music to listen to?

Decyfer Down
Project 86
Sent by Ravens
38th Parallel
Ever Stays Red
Since October
Falling Up
Brian Welch
Fighting Forward
Thousand Foot Krutch
Echoing Angels
12 Stones
Hyper Static Union

Weight loss on a 2 week fast?? Please help! (for charity)?

Sorry to ask again, I didn't get much answers:
I'm doing a 2 week fast for charity (the cause concerns starving children in poor countries across the world). The problem is, I'm 5'11.5 and weigh 126 lbs which is relatively underweight.I already look emaciated (which I don't mind in the slightest), but was wondering how much weight I'd lose doing this as I'm a little worried I'll look (even more) frighteningly thin.

thank you:)

Answer on Weight loss on a 2 week fast?? Please help! (for charity)?

my question is, can I do this with you? I am too obese! but anyway, you might loose 2 lbs. depending on how much you are eating! I you're eating less than 3000 calories a day then yeah, about 2 or 3 lbs.