Saturday, August 3, 2002

Please proofread and help?

I have to read 3 books for my summer reading work. On each book I have to write a 'well-developed' paragraph on the time in which the author wrote the book. This is was very hard. I could not find much info at all. It was in Italy in the early 1500s, so if you could find any websites with helpful info. that would be greatly appreciated. Also it someone could proofread this, and give any suggestions that would really help! By the way, the book is The Prince by Machiavelli.

Even though The Prince was published in 1536, it was written in 1513. Before this, in 1484, Charles VIII of France invaded and made war with Italy for 50 years. The devastating effect on Italy caused an economic decline that lasted into the early 1500‘s. This was because of the consent war, fighting, and political conflict. Then the Medici, who had once ruled them before, returned and ruthlessly took control again in 1512. This marked the fall of the republic. Italy was greatly effected by this. Even their art changed. Instead of beautiful nature scenes, war paintings became popular. It also effected philosophers and their ideas. They talked mostly about violence and tragedy. Sadly, Italy would never be the same.

Answer on Please proofread and help?

In 1484, Charles VIII of France declared war on Italy, which lasted for fifty years. The devastating war and political conflict caused Italy's economy to deteriorate into the early 1500s. The weak economy proved Italy was in need of new leadership. Thus, the previously ruling Medici returned to power in 1512; this negative leadership takeover marked the fall of the republic. This occurrence affected the Italians emotionally as well. Being known for their visually appealing naturalistic artwork, the Italians began to paint more violent and war-related scenes. Even the Italian philosophers turned their attention to violence and tragedy as opposed to their previous and generally mild in manner ideas. Because of the war in 1484, Italy never again returned to its serene lifestyle.

This sentence was not related to the topic: The novel The Prince was written in 1513 by Machiavelli and later published in 1536.

I hope that helps! Just a little editing/proofread.