Thursday, July 25, 2002

Europe Itinerary help?

My mum and I(15yr old girl) are planning a trip to europe this may. We are planning to visit, England, France, Italy and Turkey. This is the itinerary we are thinking about at the moment:

London - 5 nights/ 5 days
Driving around England 3 nights/ 4days
Paris 5nights/ 4days
Lake Como 2nights/ 3 days
Venice 2nights/ 3 days
Florence 2nights/ 3 days
Rome 4nights/ 4days
Istanbul 4nights/ 3days
Antalya 4nights/ 3days

I would appreciate suggestions as we still can stay an extra 6 nights. Is there any destinations you would recommend, or do you think we should stay longer in some places. Also are there any attractions that we must see in these countries.

Thanks heaps =]

Answer on Europe Itinerary help?

Quite interesting the classic Europe Itinerary, and fair enough time to enjoy; maybe I would extend a couple of nights around England because ther are so many places to visit, just to mention: Liverpool, Cambridge, Canterburry, etc.
I might reduce the visit to Lake Como and extend the stay in Paris, because close to it are many other towns in local tours to visit like Versailles, Cognac, and others.
Between France and Italy I suggest you to stay some time in Switzerland, visit the highest european mountain (Montblanc) which is in the border of France, Italy and Switzerland) and also go to Bern (the Capital), it's quite interesting and typical of central Europe.
Regardng to Italy I would visit Milan for a couple of days, and also Pisa which is between Florence and Rome; and make shorter the stay in Istanbul.
I haven't been at Turkey but I know it's exotic and different to the rest of Europe, but also I know is kind of dangerous.
To make a list of must se places would be very long, but I suggest you a webpage that includes preciselly this (must to see):