Sunday, May 19, 2002

What can I do to lose weight fast after having children?

I just had my second child in June, he is 5 months old.. My first was born last yr in March so he is getting close to 2 years old, I need to find a way to lose weight after all that.. I understand there is like tissue or something now from my stomach stretching..

Before my 1st I weighed 120.. went up to 180.. then by the time he was 6 months I was 135..

Then I got pregnant again.. started at 135.. went up to 176.. Right after birth weighed 154 and stayed there for a while.. then I gained 5 lbs.. So I'm currently 159.. and the gain is not from the holidays :) It happened before that.. I walk regularly.. Like a mile or two at least with the kids in strollers..

Usually just going shopping or walking around the mall for a while each weekend kept my weight maintained.. or at least stopped me from gaining more! I really thought I had lost about 5 pounds but I gained that much.. It is kinda making me down on myself sometimes.. and I'm just not comfortable in my body.. and I hate that!! I don't look very big, I'm 5'4, it's just my stomach.. It's kinda big like flabby wise.. I guess.. That sounds gross but it doesn't look as bad as it sounds but I DO need to lose about 30 pounds at least!! I don't think my weight is healthy for me nor do I like the way I look with it...

So any solutions to lose weight quickly?? Please don't say "diet and exercise" blah blah.. If you know any diet pills that really work I'd be willing to try that as long as my doctor okays it. I can't join a gym.. don't got the time for that definitely! I'm just 20.. So I figured losing weight while being young shouldn't be as hard as if I waited longer.. So just any tips are welcome and if you have meal plans that help.. Like give me a few ideas for suppers to eat.. For breakfast I always eat cheerios.. thats not bad right? & lunch I'll eat a sandwich like a pb&j or some lunch meat on wheat bread so right there I know I'm not going totally unhealthy...

Answer on What can I do to lose weight fast after having children?

join a gym and try the tread mill, the machine that will help you loose you mid section,sorry I do not know what this machine is called. You will loose it. Your good because I had 4 kids their teens know and I way over 160 but my weight is in my but, stomach, arms. Good Luck on the way to lookingf fine.