Friday, May 3, 2002

How can i lose weight fast as possible?

I am on a waterski show team. I'm 13. I perform in human pyramids, and find them really fun. I know i am relativley small for my age. i am 4'10", but when i climb the pyramids, i still fat. We have a national competition coming up in like four or six weeks and i would like to lose as much weight as posible and keep it off. oh ad i am somewhere between 110 & 115 pounds. but yeah, i am willing to do anything at all besides spend money on weight loss pills because my mom dosent approve of this whole weight loss thing because she thinks i am fine the way i am. so please if you have any tips or diets that will make me get to at least 90 pounds or less that would be super. thanks!!! <333

Answer on How can i lose weight fast as possible?

First, exercise daily. You probably do, since you're on the waterski show team. It's best if you add to the exercise slowly. IE: first day: 30 min ;; second day: 35 min ;; third day: 40 min.... and so on.

Second, eat lots of fruits and veggies. I recommend having a salad for dinner and fruits for snacks. Juice is OK. But only fresh fruit, no fruity bars or whatever it's called, OK?

Third, avoid oily stuff and junk food. Once in a while is fine, but not all the time.

Try walking instead of the bus/car/etc. Bike a lot. Try to burn your calories RIGHT AFTER lunch, breakfast or dinner. Don't let your hunger get the better of you. Good luck.