Saturday, April 6, 2002

Should I be mad to my sister for giving me a gift this late and in this condition for my baby?

I have a sister, she lives in Italy. Well our family was never huge giving gifts, but when my sister had her 2 girls I went to visit her with TONS, I MEAN TONS of gift.
I had a baby 5 months a go in the USA and my sister never came to visit us for money problems, but every time she called she asked me what I wanted, and all I wanted was a set of "lotion, baby cologne, powder and baby wash from italy because I love the smell

She kept telling me, Im gonna send it soon, I promise I will, well I just got it yesterday (5 months later) and the reason I got it was "because her 13 yr old daughter wants me to send her a "guess purse" for xmas since they cost a lot less in here.
Not only did I get it 5 months later but in this condition:
the box that she sent the stuff looks like it had polenta before hand, because when I opened the box lil grains of polenta went on my floor, I had to mop the floor after. she sent me a chew toy that I seriously will have to wash before giving it to my baby because the cloth part has dirt in it. then she sent me a top for me size small, I dont fit in it and she knows it, and she sent a t-**** that says italy to my husband that is small as well?
She sent me a bottle of my favorite Italian perfume without the lid as well.
Anyways the presentation is horrible, and I want to tell her that why did she sent me that full of dirt box with all the crap, but she told me (I couldnt keep my daughter out of your present, she threw the lids away) her lil girl is 3 yrs old.

Should I be mad or should I ignore her senseless gift without any thought put into...

Answer on Should I be mad to my sister for giving me a gift this late and in this condition for my baby?

I also have young children at home and when I send stuff abroad-my kids are nowhere near the presents!! And if she's sending something used a) she should let you know-"Im sending you my daughter's old toys etc" b) they should be in tip-top condition, and clean-and everything sent in a clean box!!

I would be upset about it, really. I would tell her that she could have put some more effort into it so that her 3 yr old doesnt mess! Like putting it together when she's asleep and make sure it's not near her reach! That shows carelesness from her part.
Maybe not on purpose-I dont know-but certainly didnt bother enough.