Saturday, February 9, 2002

How much money do you spend on your car?

yearly? take into consideration only fuel and insurance.
i would spend around 3000 euros a year, maybe a bit less but still too much for someone earning only 1000 euros a month after tax.
I have sold my car and i use public transport. Even though it's not that comfortable it is very cheap where i live in Italy. I spend 230 euros a year and i can get all trains within the city all buses,all trams.In this way i save over 2500 euro a year!
how much do you spend on your car? would you ever consider to save money using public transport?

Answer on How much money do you spend on your car?

Roughly per year:

Petrol - ?480
Tax - ?150
Insurance - ?300
MOT - ?50
Service - ?120

Grand Total - ?1,100

If it wasn't for the work's bus at ?2 a week, my petrol would be double or even more.