Tuesday, February 5, 2002

Any tasting (and easy) recipes for someones who is on a diet?

i'm on a diet and fed up with salads and everything else i'm eating right now. bought some slimming magazines for tips but i work long hours and not got much time to cook complicated diet meals. i need "easy" suggestions please.

Answer on Any tasting (and easy) recipes for someones who is on a diet?

use different fresh herbs ,garlic,green onion-there are sooooo many!!!,you can add them to everything.
try curry powder,other seeds cumin,sesame-sparingly they have oil,-buy a Dijon mustard to mix with fat free yogurt for salad dressings.grate ginger on salads,tuna....
invest in different oils-sesame,peanut,nut.they make a huge difference.do not cook with these add to dressings.only one spoonful is enough.the flavor is rich enough.
use balsamic vinegar in dressings.you can have a tomato,basil,low fat mozzarella drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
have a different veggie soup everyday.zucchini,carrots-need to peel-,broccoli...just boil.put in blenders with non fat milk and water,add some corn, or a small potato to thicken-a spoonful of Parmesan,pepper...you can add any herb or spice you like.heat,it is tasty and filling.make enough for 2 days.
you can look up the recipe for gazpacho-cold tomato soup.cucumber soup you can eat cold too,add dill.though these can not keep for more than a day.
a jar of salsa -make sure there is no oil- and chunks of veggies makes a nice snack.
pre cook a chicken breast and shred.you can use for 2 days.
good luck