Monday, January 28, 2002

My mom is really getting on my nerves about this?

I'm asking this hear because I want to hear from other teens about what they think I should do.

I'm 15 and I've been a vegetarian for a little over 2 years now. My mom is still in denial though. At first she acted like everything was okay, but she's told me that she was nice about it because she thought it was a phase. Obviously it wasn't, and now 2 years later she's trying to guide me back to eating meat.
At restaurants I'll ask the waiter if ____ has meat in it, ect. One time the waiter said "No but it has lard if you're vegetarian". I was just about to change my order since I don't eat lard, and my mom comes in and says "Well she's not a real vegetarian she just doesn't like the taste of meat". It really made me angry.
My aunt just moved back in with us and we're trying to go on a diet. She told me we could eat salmon and vegetables, and I told her how I would just eat the vegetables then. She acted all confused, and said "What? You're not eating fish?". When I went vegetarian I gave up ALL meat, including fish, she knows that. When my aunt came back she told my aunt (who lived with us when I went vegetarian 2 years ago) "well she doesn't want to eat fish anymore" - like I've been eating fish this whole time.
Sorry I know this is kind of long and I tend to ramble on and on, but there are SO many examples I could use to show how immature she is being in this situation. How do I handle this? I'm never eating meat for the rest of my life, and actually plan to raise my children vegetarian (depending on my future husband). How do I get this through her head NOW that this is who I am?

Answer on My mom is really getting on my nerves about this?

Well, she sounds like she's embarrassed when you go places that you are not eating what she raised you to eat. Maybe slightly unappreciated because she prepared all those healthy meat dishes for you. It sounds like she taking it on herself... like it's somehow her fault. My suggestion is to not make a big deal out of it other than to tell her, "Mom, you're a great cook, and your a great mom. I'm just utilizing my independence by choosing not to eat meat. This decision has absolutely nothing to do with you. I am being responsible by choosing foods that meet my daily nutritional needs (as I have researched this). I love you mom. Please respect this decision I have made for my life." I don't eat cows or pigs or anything from the ocean. Yuck. But my family and friends all respect this. For this I am very grateful. Blessings to you. :o)