Monday, January 21, 2002

How can i look much better?

Some actress's I really admire are selena gomez and victoria justice!
i'd kill to look like them! i need a really helpful answer.
tell me these things;
1. I want to be more tanned (my chest, tummy and back are pale, plus my tan is uneven) yes it is summer in new zealand. i'm from the uk so i'm quite pale but i want to have like a glowing/olive skin tone.
2. I want silky hair- my hair is the kind of hair that is big and puffy. it's horrible! please tell me any tips to make it silk all the time! and plus i want it a but naturally straighter without irons.
3. skinnier! can you give me a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.
4. fashion!! tell me what to buy !

thanks so muchh! don't give me stupid answers. im not trying to be them! i said i like them, and then i asked what i want!

:) x

Answer on How can i look much better?

1.) I'd advise tanning lotions... I don't like anything else because sun exposure is very unhealthy, and if your tan is caused by the sun(not natural), then you will age quicker with wrinkles. Sacrifice the tan now, stay younger longer. I'm VERY pale myself so I understand where you are coming from... but I honestly just gave up and think it would be good just to live with what you have.

2.) Make sure to wash your hair every day in warm/hot water. Try not to brush your hair too much, or do much of anything that is not natural. I would recommend All Soft Redkin products, they work wonders. Make sure to use the most high-quality products that do the least amount of damage to your hair. Has your hair looked nicer when you were younger? If so, you may want to cut your hair and let it grow out again while giving it great treatment. Use shinning and straightening products to pout on when you go out. Redkin has some shining things. As for the straightening I would suggest KMS California flatout(straightening cream). I wish you good luck!

3.) I have a naturally good metabolism that keeps people in my family skinny until adult years, but I know what happens once I pass my youth-I get fat! BUT, if I take good care of myself I won't. :)
SO, I would suggest:
-Eat as many whole foods as you can, being Vegan is great for losing weight(pick up a book called Skinny *****).
-Eat fruits and vegetables only-that's what being vegan is. Don't drink ANY cow milk. Absolutely horrible if you want to loose weight.
-Don't eat fast-food or desserts.
-Don't over-indulge yourself on an eating binge after all your hard work.
- Eat about 1,500 cal a day. That's healthy.
-Don't starve yourself, that's stupid.
-Drink lots of water, and no soda
-Make sure to do a lot of cardiovascular exercise, such as running. These exercises will help you thin out, without adding bulky muscle.
-Muscle building exercises are good too- but try to avoid these until you are at the weight you want. Understand what a healthy weight is for your body type and try to get there.

4.) As for fashion... Fashion really is whatever YOU ARE. You make your own creative decisions in the clothing that you wear. If you do not trust yourself to make good decisions, then take a look at what people where that you like. If you think it would look good on you, try to find out where you can buy it!

I hope I have been useful, and good luck!