Friday, January 18, 2002

Are libra guys like this? please help?

do libras fall in love fast ? i met this libra guy once and we couldnt stop staring at eachother, our friend introduced us the same day. he was kinda quiet from what i could tell. i ended up moving away.. and he found me on facebook & well he was saying things like how when he saw me he thought i was beautiful and how he wanted me to move in with him in three more years and all these really fast stuff. he told me hed never forget a girl as beautiful as me and he hasnt. & my friend told me hes not a flirt, and the libra guy writes things to me where everyone can see it like he has nothing to hide. are libras straight up like this ? or is this a bunch of nonsense. help pleasee. some people dont believe in love at first sight, but i instantly felt something for him and i really dont wanna be in some sort of game. advise?!

Answer on Are libra guys like this? please help?

take it slow with a libra.some immature libras can be naive about the topic love.having butterflies in the stomach after seeing someone,they may think that will love them forever.their outlook on life is sunny,they don't wear dark glasses so they may not fully know that the love of path has also got bumps.and it's really not easy to make a libra truly fall in love with someone.they may mistake crush or infatuation with love though,they are far from playing or using anyone.libras generally never do that.though they may flirt with other's in the libra nature,but if you tell them not to do so they can then stop that.i would suggest that you should first date with each other before making any "big" mistakes.