Saturday, December 8, 2001

Raw Feeders - How do you do it?

I have recently given my dog raw chicken only to find he loves it and now I am interested in BARF diets.

First of all- what percentages do you feed at? Bone, Organ etc..

Do you feed the raw meat out of a bowl, on the floor or outside?

Would you recommend frozen it or does it wipe out some of the nutrients? I would of course get some fresh, but I wondered about it being frozen.…

I feed Orijen at the moment, but would a 50/50 or 60/40 ratio work of Raw/Orijen?


Answer on Raw Feeders- How do you do it?

80% Meat. 10% Bone. 5% Liver. 5% other organs, This is just a general guide, you don't have to follow it to the letter. (Heart, tripe, and chicken gizzards are all fed "as meat")
For the best possible nutrient variety is key.
We feed out of the bowl, but it usually ends up on the floor, some have a metal tray or lino in the general area. If the weather is ok we feed outside.

All my food is frozen, some prepacked for raw feeders (like green tripe chunks) and some things I get fresh from a farm shop (like heart, lung, liver, spleen etc) in large quantities so they get chopped in to the largest chunks for the freezer. (freezing holds nutrients).

I always try to feed "as whole" as possible to replicate a real situation, and bone in meat does the same, for larger items your dog will have to work it to get his food.
I don't like the pre-ground mixes and patties as its just unnatural, and thus makes the digestion of such also unnatural.

Its not recommended to feed kibble and raw in the same sitting, or even the same day, something to do with the fact that different enzymes are used to break down the different foods.