Sunday, November 18, 2001

My youngest brother has a crush on a dead girl. is he crazy?

well the girl was so pretty and older than him but she's dead my god!!! it's creepy seriously. he keeps looking at her pictures in facebook!!!!!! i told him to stop fantasizing a dead woman because people might think he's insane but he didn't listen!!!! he even has her pictures on his cell phone. he's only 14. i think he's not thinking straight anymore? is it really possible to fall inlove with a dead people even if u don't know them in person? my older brother just laughs at him.

Answer on My youngest brother has a crush on a dead girl. is he crazy?

The memories of her is alive & well,thanks or not to the media.They are still making $$$ of of her.I am haunted by her death & her son i really was sad then too.The media killed her along with trim spy baby! They are just as guilty. I seen what they did.Your fat Anna why don't u try trim spa baby.Btw that & the media, she couldn't handle it.After her son died she went down fast.I really think she numb herself to death.A new baby added into the mix was more then she could bare.To much for anyone to deal with all at once.Not to mention the law suites against her and her almost estate w/the old guy.Fighting that as well.The media created a accident waiting to happen.So I too morn her & her son.Yeah,how about her own Mother stepping on her grave if there wasn't enough sadness.My advice is to close this chapter and let her rest in peace.Now we gotta listen to pooki pig & gang(shore) as well as teen moms drama which i steer clear of..