Sunday, October 21, 2001

Post-op Liquid diet?

Anyone know of a website for recipes for a good Liquid diet, post-op.
Dr. has put my dad on a liquid diet and he says he cannot stomach one more Ensure drink. It’s tough on him to drink things that have been cooked and put through food processor. I have told him not to worry too much about the taste lets just worry about you getting the right things in your body to help you heal and get well faster....I cooked him some scrambled eggs one day and put through processor, tasted great, but he could not drink them....I want to help find him something that he can get in his body that he will enjoy.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Answer on Post-op Liquid diet?

if there's a trader joes near you they have great soups in a box. or the health food stores have great soups (more money there).
i was hesitant but the imagine foods potato leek and squash soups veggie chicken are all excellent.
baby food isle the blueberry applesauce.
baby rice cereal add hot water or warm milk and a little sugar for adults..
don't do the meat baby foods. yuck. but the veggies and fruits taste ok for second step diet change.
and instant mashed potatoes or homemade mashed..
bananas and white rice are mild but easily constipate so beware.
been there, can ya tell?
tell him to get well soon!