Friday, October 19, 2001

Wow level 80 armor help + drake?

i want to know what to save up on to get level 80 armor. should i get justice point armor or conquest armor or honor armor or just AH armor, same for weapons. also what is the fastest or easiest way to get any drake for 280% speed

Answer on Wow level 80 armor help + drake?

unless you are planning on shutting off xp and not leveling past 80, then why would you bother saving for 80 pieces?

quest rewards from the new zones are better than MOST of the 80 epics. and by 83 if you havent replaced ALL your 80 gear, you did something wrong somewhere in the quest line...

if you can consistantly beat the timer on culling of stratholme, you get a shot at a drake in each run.