Saturday, October 6, 2001

How do I get followers on twitter?

I made a twitter account a while ago I had 3 followers and now I only have one

Answer on How do I get followers on twitter?

by time ur followers will increase ... but if u like to have a lot of follwers u need to follow a lot of ppl so at least halve of them will follow u back especially if they see ur tweets are interseting for me i dont care about how much followers i have i just enjoy tweeting and reading athor ppl tweets ;P

Facebook. what's the point?

'Question. I just moved to the area to attend college in August of last year. I was really ready to meet people and make friends. About halfway through the semester someone said that I should get an account on Facebook to meet people. So I did. Well, after going to church 'religiously' twice a Sun and joining a few clubs here and there at college I still found myself without anyone to 'hang out with. Yes I have met people, but when they pass me in the hallway I am ignored just like they did not ever meet me. I have been on Facebook for almost a year now and I have tried to add friends on there, but no one accepts my add, and not one person has added me (not even 'spammers'). The page is fully filled out with my own interests and likes, so I have put myself out there. I just don't get it. My parents were in the Military, so I had to move around alot while I was younger so I never really got close to a group of people. I would really like to do so, but it just seems as if I am an 'oddity' for people to look at but not to interact with. I was under the impression that could get a group of friends to 'hang out' with in college, but it's like no one wants to get to know anything about me. The people I have met go on 'outings' as I overhear them talking about them, but I haven't been invited anywhere. I don't feel like I should impose by asking to be invited somewhere. It would be nice to be invited somewhere, but I don't know what to do. I have been here almost a full year and still do not know anyone here as far as students. Even the people in the clubs I am in, and the tutoring center I go to just treat me as a 'customer.' I can't help but feel that I am not doing something I should be doing, or I am doing something wrong.

Answer on Facebook. what's the point?

I don't think you are doing any thing wrong. I think you simply are too passive. Waiting on facebook for somebody to friend you or joining things and waiting to be invited is not working. So why not make your own party, or your own event, or send out your own invite. Or what's the matter with asking somebody to tag along at the next outing?
You might want to find somebody at your church as well and tell them that you are from a "military family" and so you moved a lot and now that you are older and settled for a while you want to make friends. I think people would be receptive to that.
Maybe even write on your own facebook page that you would really like the opportunity to make new friends as you haven't been in one place long enough to do so before.

Best wishes to you!

How do I talk to my Canadian friend over the internet? Plus, JUSTIN BIEBER!?

The Justin Bieber was just so you'd come answer my question.
Anyway, I have a friend on the internet and we would like to chat but she cant call and I don't have a webcam. How would we go about talking by means that are not the internet?
Thanks so much!

Answer on How do I talk to my Canadian friend over the internet? Plus, JUSTIN BIEBER!?

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