Sunday, August 26, 2001

Losing weight question ( i know there are laods, but id be grateful if you could you read anyway :) )?

well im joining the army and ive been told my recruiter that i only have to lose 5 kg, which im thrilled about lol, coz iv had to lose 20kg, to get to this point

but my problem is its getting harder to lose weight, ive stepped up the exercise to go twice a week, and it varies between swimming for an hour, 1-6 miles running, bmf (circuit training foor an hour) and i have an exercise bike as well as hill walking and alking the dog,

i try and do between 1 and 3 hours per day ( ive upped it from the week before i went into the office)

i go into the afco fortnightly and i want them to see improvement everytime, but i havent lost anything since last time and it was a struggle last time as well, i weighed more the day before last time and thankflly it came off again ovr night lol

my diets ok, it could be better il admit, but thats my weakness and if i do treat mysef il do an extra 30 mins on my bike, and im regulating the portions... i use smaller plates now etc...

so my problem is, the afco only measre my weight so even if i get faster, or lose inches round my waist but have put a lb on itl look bad on my file any tips on how to lose weight the same time as building muscle

il try anything lol (no crap like aci berry though, all natural stuff like extra running or whatever) as im now soo close lol (my plan is 1kg a week but its going down the pan atm)

Answer on Losing weight question ( i know there are laods, but id be grateful if you could you read anyway :) )?

hey there, sounds to me you might be over exercising and not puting enough nutrition back in, that just a though. Me personally need to lose about 35lbs, so I started a 90 challenge 15 days ago and Im totally impressed at how fast im losing weight and inches....Im down 9lbs, 3belt knotches, and 2 chins..Im serious this is awesome...I said all that to say this, it just might be what your looking for....a total system.
I hope this helps you out
Good Luck,