Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Read this and help me please.?

Hi.. Theres this guy I like he called me fat last summer so this summer (2010), I went to a weight loss camp (wellspring) It made me loose so much!! But after he called me fat i couldn't forget it it really hurts inside of me. I cry every night just thinking about it... I have soon realized i was kind of in love with him... I list the bad things about him so i can get over him but there something in me that wants him so much. I still have kind of a belly... I'm 5'5 and 123 pounds.. Does anyone have any tips i can get back at him for calling me fat... Please give me tips.. I'm suffering. =[ Thanks

Answer on Read this and help me please.?

The fact you have lost the weight is enough to get back at him!

Would you ever date/like a hairy type of guy?

Girls would you ever g out with a very hairy guy all over.....guy with "black forest" on his full body??
How would you react if this guy poposed you ewver?
Turn him down.....or give him chance to wax his full body.......or maybe try out a man with black forest?

Answer on Would you ever date/like a hairy type of guy?

give him a chance to wax.