Friday, May 18, 2001

Did anyone else catch this on the Nick show "Victorious"?

I do not want to start a fight so I am not going to say whether I agree with same sex marriage or not, so please don't answer this question saying if you agree with it or not cuz that isn't the question. Anyway, on the episode "Robarazzi" at the beginning when Kat comes over with her fake-snow maker that she ordered from that SkyStore catalog, she says "I was visiting my UNCLE and UNCLE in..." Anyone else catch that they're talking about same sex marriage there? I'm just curious because this is the first time a kid's network has done that. (I know on Drake and Josh that one time Josh kisses that "girl" that turns out to be a man dressed as a woman when he talks, but that was a crossdresser, not something talking about same sex marriage.)

Answer on Did anyone else catch this on the Nick show "Victorious"?

im watching it right now lol but i didnt catch that and its not appropriate for nick