Thursday, May 3, 2001

Question about suspension built to "jump-the-curb"?

I read that the new Ford police car has front suspension that can easily "jump the curb". I do not know much about cars, but I am guessing "jumping the curb" would really screw up any suspension. How do you think Ford got around that?

Answer on Question about suspension built to "jump-the-curb"?

Their suspensions are really robust, the swing arms are reinforced and they have skid plates and all kinds of stuff. Also, the fact that crown vics are rear wheel drive already lends an advantage because they dont need halfshafts, which are fragile and finicky. Obviously the car cant smack a curb at 90mph and bounce back from it, but yeah they can climb up on curbs at low speed all day long because of all the steel and iron under there.