Saturday, April 14, 2001

Would I be a good actress?

I'm 15, (16 in a few days) & I've been thinking lately that I'd like to get into the acting industry. I haven't had any experience in this sort of thing. I don't even study drama at school because nobody does anything in that class- the teacher sucks. I'm currently on an exchange trip in Italy, and I'm from New Zealand. I have courage, and I like to take on new things. I was in my school drama not long ago and I sung in it. I am good with people, & I never say never. However I don't know if I'd be given a shot in that industry 1) With my family- none of them are into that thing. 2) With the actual industry itself- I don't have experience (though I would definatley try as soon as I get back home!) 3) With my location- there aren't really any famous people from New Zealand, we're a tiny country. I'll try anything. I just want an opinion on wether I have a shot, because if I don't then I wont waste my time on it. I'm 5ft3, 54 kg, long wavy light brown hair, green eyes, and I have really large breasts (which I highly dislike- & which could be bad for roles). I want to be a doctor- Oncology or Cystic Fibrosis, or an Actress. & the 2 careers are really different. Just give me an opinion or a website (in nz) that would give me advice on how I could get started if you think I have it in me. Thanks for reading (:

Answer on Would I be a good actress?

well a doctor (if you have the grades) is definitely the more stable career and I'm sure it's a fantastic rewarding career but sadly I know nothing about that career but I can tell you about acting. I have been acting since I was 10 and modeling since I was 5. I have done professional work in print, screen and theatre but even I have a limited knowledge because it is an exceptionally difficult industry and I don't mean just to get in to but once you're there as well.
If you choose acting you need to start doing your research as to exactly what acting entails, look up the theorists first I would start with bretch and slavski……
who are essentially the main theories of realism and abstract (to simple it down). Do research on other methods, starts going to the theatre whenever you can afford and watching films from all over the world. Research how the theatre and screen industry work, the tech behind it, how directors work, how companies work ETC Remember you are years behind those who have been doing it since they were tiny tots, having said that many successful actors did not choose that path until they were older.
You must bare in mind, It is exceptionally hard to get a large movie or mainstream tv role. The majority of professional actors are theatre actors, background parts or voice overs. There are also different fields to go in to for example a stage combat specialist, screen stunts, puppetry ETC. Learn about these perhaps one of these will really inspired you and it might help you decide which career move to take, I have a friend who is a stage combat specialist and she finds it easier to get large action theatre roles that other actors because of her skills. I myself used to want to be an acter but the more classes particularly devising ones, I took I found I have a greater talent and love of script writing and creating roles for actors so now I am going to study screen writing at university.
While it might be the more unstable career and there is a high chance you will have to get another job to support yourself until you can get in to the industry, 1 in every 12 pounds in the UK is spent on theatre, it is a recession proof popular industry and it only increases in popularity. There are a few things I should mention though you might want to invest in minimising bras or even bandage tubing for auditions where big boobs might hinder your role, I am sure there are roles where you could use them to your advantage. You also have to be exceptionally fit, think dancing whilst singing in a heavy thick costume under heat lamps for 3 hours. Iy may also be wise to invest in singing and dancing lessons. More importantly you have to be forceful and committed, no one is going to ask you to come to an interview and give you half an hour for chat it's a 10 or even 5 min audition in which you can not slip up, no one is going to give you a second chance if you mess up. If you do really want to do this career I would start looking at local theaters, tv stations, radio stations for auditions, the more experience you get under your belt the better. It would also be wise to invest in professional photos for a CV and start one now which would include your look, what ethnicity's and ages you can play, any special skills (you never know when you might get asked to ride a horse or abseil) and what roles you have played. Look online for a full professional template.
Finally while new zealand is not known to be an acting capital of the world like new york, sydney or london, you can always move when your older and big name actors such as Russell Crowe, Anna Paquin, Cliff Curtis, Lucy Lawless, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Temuera Morrison all came from new zealand.

Finally, finally. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT choose this as a career path if you happen to think you will get a big break on pure talent alone. You have more chance of winning the lottery, most people who get in to the industry straigh away already know someone who is high up in it and you have stated already that you do not have these sort of connections. It takes a lot of hard work but ultimately it takes such hard work because it's so competitive because it is really rewarding if that's what you want to do.