Thursday, February 8, 2001

Hello English................?

Hi, you all. I'm Italian and I'd like to tell how much I esteem you. I love British culture and people. I knew a lot of English people but in this period I'm noticing a thing: a lot of people are becoming like Americans, so stupid and immature. Don't misunderstand me, in Italy there are a lot of stupid people too (even too many), but I'm noticing British people are becoming a bit similar to the Americans. I'm not saying every American is an idiot, but a LOT are.
So, why does it happen?

Answer on Hello English................?

I'm American and I resent your sweeping generalization of Americans as "so stupid and immature" ... I am certainly neither. Nor am I an idiot in any sense of the word.

If I were to visit your country, I doubt that you would peg me as an "Ugly American."