Friday, December 8, 2000

Starting July 12 with five weeks to travel in W. Europe, where would you go?


Starting on July 12 of this year, I will have about five weeks or so to travel around Western Europe as I please, though I will be looking to travel on the cheap. I will have already toured Spain and I will be visiting Italy on another trip in the future, so these two countries are out. I will be leaving from Barcelona on July 12 to start this five-week trip, and though I am open to traveling long distances to visit major cities----jumping around the map, so to speak------I prefer to take my time and enjoy one particular region. If you were I, where would you go? What would be your ideal itinerary for this time period? Thanks.

Answer on Starting July 12 with five weeks to travel in W. Europe, where would you go?

Western Europe and cheap do not really go together well.
Some claim that Germany is not as expensive as other countries in Western Europe.
But if you want cheap, you will need to go farther east.

I would just start somewhere, take short train trips between cities and villages and not bother with a train pass. Enjoy the life in the countryside, mostly cheaper than in the cities. France, Germany, Austria or be daring and look to the east, Czech republic, Slovakia and maybe Poland.
Change between minor cities and villages, stay a couple of nights in a national park. Maybe even rent a bike or walk with a tiny tent, so you can camp out, cheaper but harder, as you will need to carry your gear.
I plan a cycling holiday at this time, but it will be Netherlands and England, so not on the cheap.