Tuesday, November 28, 2000

HELP PLEASE! traveling questions...?

ok...so im going to italy and greece in 3 days!!! ive been packing, but have been stressing on how much of what to bring! im going with a school group and we will be gone for 18 days. eek! ive never been on vacation for more than 10 days...please answer as many questions as you can!!!! :o)
1) i'll be staying at hotels and on a cruise ship, do you think ill need to pack towels? if so...how many?
2) do you think 1 tube of those little toothpastes would be enough to last me the whole trip?
3) do you think a travel size deoderant (sp?) will last me the whole trip?
4) do you think 3 oz. of shampoo will be enough to last me the whole trip?
5) what items should i carry in my carryon bag? (ive never been on a plane before)
****6) i know that the rule is that you cant have liquids in containers of over 3 oz. but how many containers can you have? and is that JUST for the carryon? or for you suitcase too? or can you have regular sized shampoo bottles in your suitcase????


Answer on HELP PLEASE! traveling questions...?

1. Sure if you dont want to use the towels provided, or want to swim in the pool at the hotel or on cruise.
2. Little toothpaste? No, buy a bigger one for like 4 dollars.
3. I would think not. Again buy a bigger, normal size.
4. NOOO! Dont buy a full size one, just a little bigger.
5. Never been on a plane? Well, stuff you will need through your plane trip. Ipod? Magazine or book? Or candy/gum.
6. Fit whatever you can in a zip loc bag (each under 3 oz)

Have fun