Sunday, November 12, 2000

My Parents Made "Consequences" For Something They Made Me Do. Help?

Its a long story, but my mom guiltily made me sign up for a school trip to france/italy that I did not want to go on in the first place by saying "Her friends and her had to fundraise when they were younger to go on a trip like this". I spend the past 6 months trying to tell my parents I didnt want to go and when I finally decided to tell my dad last week, he got all mad at me because apparently 30 days or less to the trip, we cant get our 3 grand back that he payed for me to go. He claims hes told me about this before but he never did! Id remember if he did! Now, they have made consequences for me for not going by taking away aski trip to calgary, a trip to Disney (which is just cruel because we ALL like Disney - Me, 2 brothers, mom, dad) and telling me my brother would be dissapointed and more. these consequences are absolutely not fair because it is al their fault. I would have told them I didnt want to go on the trip sooner had they told me about the refund policy and my mom is the one that caused me to go on a trip I never wanted to go on. They didnt make it any easier by trying to get me excited about the trip by telling everyone to talk to me and tell me how beautiful france is. So that just made me even more sad and unsure. I will definetly have another opportunity to talk to them about the consequences for sure and I want to make sure that next time I have a good argument going that will make them know that it is their fault. Any tips for what to say when I talk to them again? Thank you :)

Answer on My Parents Made "Consequences" For Something They Made Me Do. Help?

I have children who bring papers home and do not read them expecting the parents to do everything. I teach them to take responsibility for their activities (which you are not) and know the facts about programs they are participating in. They know that they can say they don't want to go on a trip anytime.
"The made me do"? so they did not allow you to express your desire not to attend? Bull! You just didn't make up your mind until it was too late. Why is it daddy's fault that you did not read the papers concerning "Your" class trip?
It is your class trip but you did not feel the need to inform yourself of the requirements and now it is their fault because you told them too late that you did not want to go?
It sounds to me like a fare trade for losing 3 grand because you didn't have the ability to say "I don't want to go". That is what I would do to my kid if they had done the same thing to me.