Thursday, September 7, 2000

Why has my gold ring tarnished?

My hubby took our old gold to a jeweller and they made a new 9ct gold and diamond ring for me, but I've noticed a little tarnish on it near a diamond, it not any where else on the ring just that particular place, and I know it's definitely gold cos I can't wear anything else, so does anyone have an idea what it is and how I can get it off, I've tried soaking the ring in warm soapy water but it's still there, the ring is only 2 mth old, thank you in advance :-)

Answer on Why has my gold ring tarnished?

Jewelry less than 14K gold often tarnishes.
The 'ct' (K or caret) indicates the percentage of gold in the metal. Pure gold is 24K - it doesn't tarnish, but it's too soft for jewelry - it has to be mixed with other metals to be strong enough for jewelry, but it needs to be in certain proportions. Typical jewelry is between 14-18 karet gold - hard enough to wear well, enough gold to resist tarnish. 12K is 50% gold, 50% other metal - durable but with a tendency to tarnish. 9K is only about 1/3 gold and 2/3 other metals - often very strong, but definite tendencies to tarnish. Sensitivities are often to the 'base' metals the pure gold is mixed with, and some are much more of a problem than others. You may have just been lucky in what metals your jeweller used in your ring.
Check with a local jewelry store (needs to be a real store, not just Walmart, Target, etc) about options to seal or coat it. The other option is to polish it regularly with a good-quality silver polish - safe for gold, too, and will clean off the tarnish.
Good luck!