Saturday, August 5, 2000

Im in love, im me!!!?

i live in the usa now but i used to live in italy, i went to italy for 5 weeks in june and i saw all my old friends, and one of them i fell in love with, everyone said he liked me as well, we flirted a lot and everything :) but then he left for a week for camp and during that week me and my family flew back to the us, i miss him so much!! i miss him more than my best friend which is bad...... i think about him all the time, a lot of people know i like him but they dont understand how much i do...ive chatted with him on facebook and stuff. i kinda want to ask him if he likes me but i dont know how and i dont know if i should, pleease help me, i love him so much and i think about him every day
thank you, pleease answer

Answer on Im in love, im me!!!?

Ask him if he likes you. Dont bend around the bush about it, just straight up ask him.

Look at it this way. Would you rather be wasting all this time wondering what he could have said if you asked him, when you could just simply ask him and find out how he feels?

Whats the worst that's going to happen? Him saying no that he does not like you? You re young and you havent even stepped into the serious relationship stage. If he does say no, there are plenty of other guys out there. Dont think you re going to go you re whole life with your emotions tied around one guy.

Trust me. Ask him.

Hope this helps! :]