Sunday, July 16, 2000

How much of Italy is surrounded by a lot of water?

I don't know much about Italy. However, everytime that I see photographs of Italy, I see the shopping districts surrounded by water-filled streets, that people have to always use boats to get around in. How much of Italy is surrounded by water like that? Are only the shopping areas surrounded by water, and are there many more areas of Italy that are not surrounded by those types of streets that are always full of water? If I am not mistaken, Italy might be the only country on Earth that has a shopping district/area that has streets that are always full of water. If I am wrong, what other places are like that? Furthermore, were those water-filled streets of Italy ever dry for a very long time? If yes, what caused those streets to become constantly flooded like that? Furthermore, do those streets ever become dry during any times of the year, or are they always filled with water, all year round of every year? Hopefully, some of you who live in Italy will answer these questions.

Answer on How much of Italy is surrounded by a lot of water?

I'm Italian and then I can say that you've a wrong picture about Italy. The photos you've seen with water wherever were most likely tooken in Venice (unless they were showing the disastrous 1966 flood in Florence....) and they were probably the channels then the real streets. However even if Italy is surrounded by waters (being a peninsula we have the sea on 3 of its 4 sides) we don't have other towns looking like Venice,with so much water. Our feet are as dry as yours.....!!!
I pass you here below one of the tons of links you could click on the Internet to revise yr totally wrong idea about Italy.