Monday, June 19, 2000

Attention Medical Doctors and Nurses.?

I have no no health Ins? so i hope you have some answers.
What is the cause of an irregular heartbeat. my bp machine tells me it is irregular. I've been on Nadolol 20mg for 4 years . bp under 120/76
resting heart rate can be as low as 47? LDL of 80 HDL 48 Triglycerides 75
I do not smoke. I eat a healthy diet. I have a lot of stress. no family history of heart disease

Additional Details
slight mild pressure in the center of my chest

Answer on Attention Medical Doctors and Nurses.?

The numbers are normal but really dont tell anybody anything about your clinical status. What medical history do you have? Why are you prescribed a beta blocker? History of cardiac arrhythmias? Atrial Fibrillation? Electrolyte Imbalances? Me personally I never trust a machine. You can go to a fire department or EMS service and get your BP checked. Usually vital sign checks are free depending on your location.

If you are highly active YES your resting heart rate can be 48 bpm.