Sunday, May 28, 2000

Need advice on diet and exercise!?

Hey, so before I started by diet/lifestyle change a little over a month ago, I was unhappy with my body. I'm by no means large or even bordering that area, I'm five foot two, and have a curvy/petite body type. I started the change because I wanted to lose some weight and just tone. So during this time I've been working out for an hour a day, and completely changing my eating habits. I haven't lost more that 3 POUNDS! My stomach looks slightly more toned, and my legs are more in shape, but it is really frustrating cutting out all bad eating habits slash pushing my body to Intense aerobic exercise, when I see only a slight difference. Is it because my body is at the weight it should be at? Am I not pushing myself hard enough? Should I just give up? I like my body more now, but with the intense level of devotion to this lifestyle change, something has gotta give, either I lighten up on the diet, or I need to start to seeing some results. Any advice? I am really frustrated and disappointed. Any help would be appreciated!:)

Answer on Need advice on diet and exercise!?

Hey there,

Previous couple of years, I have my own 1st baby. I was in fact pleased - right until it came the instance to commence shedding off the excessive fat from my pregnancy. I had become so dismal with my own frame - I sensed like my own husband was not attracted to me at all, not to mention I felt disgusting in all of my previous garments - they were a whole lot tighter than I could well remembered.

I tried heading back to my previous diet and exercise program, truthfully nothing worked. I was capable of burn off a bare minimum amount of weight, however I could definitely not get back again to my own weight prior to I got a baby.It wasn’t till the time I tried using an extraordinary fat loss program that I actually witnessed a difference in my weight. For certain I will disclose that i'm doubtful regarding fat loss programs fortunately the program featured a money back refund, that presented me the chance to try this without fear of wasting my bucks.

Just in two weeks, I'd so far lost fifteen lbs. I could not believe the amazing improvements I'd been having within my body. I found myself so contented with the final success - I had the excessive fat I needed off in just thirty day period, as well as felt good and in shape, actually a lot better form compared with I was prior to my infant.

To keep clear of being labeled as spammer by yahoo, it difficult for me to show the specific internet site link. However, if you are really interested related to the program, merely googled 'powerful remedies' and browse the very first web site. Anyway sorry for my horrible english.