Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Please help me with my diet plan and exercise?

can u suggest me a diet plan?
dont give me details. about the foods
just enumerate them. cause i read all the info about this in the internet, but it makes me dizzy..
please tell me the foods that need to eat for my diet
and the foods that i need to avoid

im 5' 6
141 pounds
16 years old

my goal is 100 pounds..

if you have something to share some exercises to me
please share :(

Note: im not available everyday in my exercise because of my school.. maybe early in the morning (it depends if i wake up early)... but everynight im always available.

so what kind of exercise should i do
please dont give details about the exercise.. just enumerate them :)

please suggest something for me. thank you!!

*yeah i know, my english sucks xDD*

Answer on Please help me with my diet plan and exercise?

At 5'6" and 141lb, your weight is completely normal for your height. 100lb would be severely underweight.