Saturday, March 18, 2000

Can you help me with this piece of writing?

I need some help with grammar mistakes:

I consider myself very lucky with my language experiences, I actually had a lot.
It's very hard to decide which one is the best because I really loved them all, so, in order to pick up one, I would choose the one which joined the constructive aspect of learning with the great fun I had: my school exchange with a german girl when I was 16.
This experience started when my teacher of german suggested us an exchange program with a school located near the Black Forest in South Germany.
I was paired to a nice girl named Elizbeth who is currently one of my best foreign friends ever. We started knowing each other two months before the start of the exchange by email and by chat, and we really started our friendship in a good way. We really had a great time, both in Italy and in Germany, and even though I was supposed to improve my german, I spoke english the whole time, even with her parents and relatives. She speaks german very well, so I do think I improved a lot. I would suggest anyone to make an experience of this kind.

Answer on Can you help me with this piece of writing?

I am most fortunate having the language experiences through personal application. It is difficult to choose which of my experiences in languages are best, but I have selected an event that occurred when I was 16 years of age.

My language teacher had suggested an exchange program with a school located near the Black Forest in southern Germany. A pleasant girl named Elizabeth (or Elizbeth) became my partner in my exchange and, today, remains a dear friend among my foreign contacts.

Elizabeth and I began to exchange e-mails and chats two months before the exchange was scheduled and, in this way, she and I soon bonded as an international pair of friends.

With her as company, Elizabeth (Elizbeth) and I toured Italy and Germany with my objective to focus strongly on my use of the German language. Whether planned or not, I spoke mostly English the entire time with her parents and relatives and did not take advantage of this opportunity to excel in German.

Conversely, Elizbeth (Elizabeth) speaks fluent German and with her assistance my improvement in the language was accelerated.

I would happily recommend such an exchange program of this nature to my classmates in school.

Note: I found it necessary to rearrange or reconstruct some of your sentences so correct grammar would be in place. I simply rearranged, in most events, the sentences describing similar actions. In most changes I simply removed the cliches, repetitive words, and trite sayings that drag down the manuscript.

If I were to only correct your capitalization and spelling then the remedy would have been far easier.