Monday, March 13, 2000

Is this really dangerous to my health?

I just realized that I lost 20 pounds in exactly 1 month. I have been working out since last August, and SERIOUSLY working out since January. I am concerned about my weight loss this month. I average about 7 pounds a month, but this month I did the math and I lost 20 pounds. Is this alright? My blood-pressure and heart are all healthy (I got a checkup today as soon as I realized the amount I lost and got a clean bill of health). I worried that I didn't do something right and am going to hurt myself permanently. I've taken the last few days off from my diet and workout routine like i normally do at the end of the month to test the truth of the weight loss and it has stayed steady. I guess I just really want to know if this is super unhealthy or if it happens every once in a while with the change of routine and weather. I'm really concerned about this huge loss, am i right to be worried?

Answer on Is this really dangerous to my health?

If you have a clean bill of health then I would not worry about it. You shouldn't loose too much weight at a time because you will just gain it back. If your doing lots of exercise and eating properly that is why your loosing so much weight. I wouldn't worry to much about it since you did see a doctor. Sometimes when on a diet we reach a plateau and need to change the routine to get your metabolism going. If you continue to loose so much weight then I'd go see the doctor again and have some blood tests done to make sure everything is okay. Good luck to you!