Friday, February 18, 2000

What's a good diet plan?

Answer on What's a good diet plan?

for one, ignore those other ridiculous answers. Alright so one thing that we do in our family is we make smoothies from all organic fruit. this is a nice way to keep you feeling great everyday and is naturally an energy drink. drink three glasses of water every day, have salad some grilled chicken and string beans for lunch. eat lots of fruit such as pears apples and mangos. a natural body cleaner and liver detox is a fresh squeezed lemon in a cup and mix it with water. for dinner you can have anything of your choice that is not too greasy or junk food perhaps. exercise daily would be appropiate, such as a brisk walk or power walk, jogging, using weights or whatever. youtube is great for like dumbbell exercises but surf the web. Best of luck, - Brandon
(i meant ignore the answers that doesnt look like they are trying to help)