Friday, November 12, 1999

These girls just don't like me, please help me, I'm so embarrassed?

ok so we were in gym class on friday and we were in the pool, these girls who always have been mean to me(since 4th grade) decided it would be funny to pull the string on my bikini top so every body could see my chest. now all the guys have seen me and now are askin if they can see them in private and they didnt even get in trouble for it. im so embarrassed, these girls are so mean and only to me and my friend drake (we dont know why) but what should i do about it?? im in 8th grade

Answer on These girls just don't like me,please help me, I'm so embarrassed?

first of all=

if they call you a *********., say =

did you just call me a *********.?
well, a *********.is a dog,
dogs bark,
bark is on trees,
trees are a part of nature,
nature is beatiful,
so yea, thatnks for the compliment you racist whore.

I hate people like that! Tell the counsler what is happening.
I know that you probably can't ignore them, but since they did that
to you, try something back. make them be embarrassed.

and, if you find out their e-mail address, give it to me. I'l virtually whopp their @$$E$!