Saturday, November 6, 1999

He is hiding something?

i have been dating this guy i meet online for a year now,,,,we try to see each other at least once amonth,in my town or some where else.(coz he travels alot)and we are planing to get married,,,and we love each other so much,,
3 months ago i i got a friend request on facebook from a girl and her on her profilpic was him and her and a kid,,,it looked like an old pic so i asked him who it was and he said it was a far away cousin,,,so it passed,,,,aweek ago i went back to this girl profil and i saw a new pic with the same 3 and it was a pic taken this year,,so i mailed the girl asking who she was and telling her im dating the guy on the pic,she said she was his wife and thats his doughter,so i called my boyfriend and he told me to stop mailing her and that he will tell me the story in the right time and that the only thing that count is tha we love each other,so i asked the girl why she never talked befor,she said he told her we worked together and she saw a pic of us where we looked more then work pals,so i asked him to tell me whats going on and he told me to stop asking people around coz he dosnt want his family to know coz he will live a he told me to wait and to trust him and when he comes he will tell me every thing,at the end,,,i dont know what to do,,i love him so much and i know leaving him will kill me and it will take a very long time befor i could trust any guy again,,,,,im so lost in here,,,,anyway one can tell me what should be done

Answer on He is hiding something?

It's very hard to have a full on relationship with someone you only see 1-2 days per month. I would say there's more going on than he's letting on. Hard to get married to someone you don't see every night and should consider that before marring him.

(have fun).