Monday, October 25, 1999

Meat substitutes??

i m a vegetarian and thinking of going on a low carb diet. i eat eggs but not any kind of flesh( no fish). non-veg ppl eat fish when on diet with veggies and salads but what options does a vegetarian has? and how to cook the veggies so that they taste good as well as low in calories?pls suggest some recipes!!

Answer on Meat substitutes??

There are plenty of meat substitutes now available at most grocery stores in the frozen food section. Ground meat, chicken strip, beef strip, sausage crumbles, sausages, veggie burgers etc that are all vegetarian. These can easily be used in most casserole/soup/stew or chili recipe you have. Also firm tofu can be used as a substitute as well in many recipes. I make a mean Tofu Creole (was a shrimp creole recipe.)