Thursday, October 14, 1999

TEENS: Any songs that you can recommend for me?

I'm looking for some new music to load onto my iPod. I like almost anything and everything except overly auto-tuned music and Justin Bieber.
My favourites are Eminem, the Eagles, Lady Gaga, ABBA, Marianas Trench, Rihanna, the Police, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Hedley, Panic! At the Disco, Queen, Usher, and Drake to name a few.

BQ1: Are you a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare?
BQ2: Have you ever taken any kind of lessons?
BQ3: What was your favourite vacation you've ever gone on?
BQ4: What do you see when you look to the left?

Answer on TEENS: Any songs that you can recommend for me?

Well, I'm really enjoying The Time (Dirty Bit) by the Black Eyed Peas right now. I also think that you should check out Florence + The Machine- I bought one of her songs and instantly fell in love. I went back onto iTunes and bought her entire album "Lungs" Ugh, it's so amazing! Also, check out Ron Pope while you're at it. He isn't that famous, but his music is absolutely amazing. "A Drop In The Ocean" is my favourite song of his. Have you heard of Dave Matthews? You could search him up, too. If you haven't bought Taylor Swift's new album, definitely do so. Back To December is my favourite(:

BQ1- Haha, this is a great question! I honestly don't even know. I'm no nightmare, I can tell ya that (unless somebody messes with me behind my back..I'm not afraid to speak my mind xD) I'm not necessarily "sweet" though (as in innocent & nice to everybody...that sounds kinda bad haha. I'm super nice, but if people are annoying or mean to me, I'll be mean back.) I guess I'll go with beautiful nightmare (:

BQ2- Yes, I've taken dance since I was 4, cheerleading since I was 6, gymnastics since 9, (for flexibility) guitar & violin I take once a week since I was fairly young, and my mom taught me singing at home since I could talk.

BQ3- Definitely Italy. <3

BQ4- My Phone(: