Tuesday, October 12, 1999

Losing weight, help please?

OK, I have lost some weight... I was over size 18 and now I am back on size 16... my goal is to stick to size 14 as was the size of my gold days:) so... I need to lose the love handles and tons of weight off my legs, I really need advice on how to target this areas. I know what to do but I have a back problem which restricts me... so I am considering in using weight loss pills which do me no good but will certainly do the job... What is your opinion on what to do? I am not an active person:/

Answer on Losing weight, help please?

Don't use weight loss pills...not only are they a waste of money, but you can't depend on them forever. You need to learn how to eat healthy, so that you can successfully keep the weight off in the long run.

(As for both, the best way is to just exercise...jogging, swimming and a good healthy diet.)
Love handles: Here's a website. http://www.flat-stomach-exercises.com/lo…

Legs: Lunges, squats, lay on the floor on your belly with weights around your ankles and lift up your legs one at a time in reps, hold weights in your hands and touch your toes doing reps.

Good luck!