Monday, October 11, 1999

Good songs to workout to?

Hi. I need some good music to workout rap or hip hop crap please. I like Rock, Hard rock, Speed metal, trash metal, good pop ( not justin bieber and lady gaga blah blah blah ), and actually everything else. But not death metal lol. I especially like instrumental music like Hanz Zimmer's..I use some of his songs from Call of duty modern warfare 2 to get pumped up while I workout. His songs in COD have a high tempo and they're really great for running. I need some really good instrumental songs like that..and if anybody's heard the soundtrack for Splinter Cell Conviction..those songs are really cool too. They dont have a high tempo but they're really good for doing sit-ups, squats etc.. because of their steady beat. (plus I also feel like a cool spy when I workout to that music lol )

Answer on Good songs to workout to?…

Sick beat.