Thursday, September 9, 1999

Who is this girl on Oceanup?

I always see this girl on (pictures below) and I was wondering who she was, I believe her name is Sarah, but I'm not really sure. If anyone knows who she is or if she has a website, twitter, etc. please let me know and please this is a serious question.

Answer on Who is this girl on Oceanup?

Yeah her name is Sarah.
Some people call her Stalker Sarah

It's because her dad's a paparazzi.

What have you noticed and read about divorce and time?

It seems a lot of people claim they will most likely stay married vs so and so because they were together 4+ years before they got married this is vs couples that knew each other intimately or were together less than a year. I'm not asking about people that knew each other well like family friends or bffs that ended up dating and getting married. QUESTION Do YOU notice couples that are/were together for 3 years or more prior to getting married have long marriages? How much longer? Do you feel it is less likely for those couples to divorce than those that only knew/were together less than 1 year?

I personally believe maybe it is slightly more common for couples to divorce that only knew each other..for 1 or less. I feel it all lies in honesty. Being honest on both sides to each other and to themselves. Anyone can be faithful if they choose to, respectful if they choose to and so on.

Logical answers please. Hopefully some Eastern people will answer this question as well. Thank you.

Answer on What have you noticed and read about divorce and time?

There is definitely a correlation. It's obvious that couples that were together less than a year divorce more often. They just don't truly know each other as well, or have learned to work through alot of problems together. It doesn't mean they can't. However many couples that marry so quickly are blinded by love and a bit naive. They think they can overcome anything, then falter when faced with their first real challenge together.

However, I think couples that were together for 5+ years before getting married get divorced often as well. They just get so comfortable with each other that they just get married- not our of love, but the next logical step in life. Not all couples are that way- but if they waited a while to get engaged, it has a higher risk of failing.

Divorce isnt' just based on time together- it's based on quality of that time. If you keep working on the relationship after you get married- you have a better chance of being successful. Marriage takes work. It's not like you say a few words and never have to date your spouse again!